Spring Fragrances

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The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and the nights are getting cooler. This is the time of year when you can finally wear a fragrance without worrying about it melting into your clothes. Spring fragrances are fresh and light, with notes of green leaves, white flowers, and pink blossoms. Here are some great perfumes for spring.

Products related to Spring Fragrances

Summer Fragrances
“I love that the perfumes are vegan, cruelty free, and can be layered. There are five fragrances that are included in this set: Vanilla Sky- sweet, warm vanilla fragrance, Salt Air- very light ocean air/ marine scent, Isle Escape- feminine floral fragrance with powdery undertone, Pink Canyon- light grapefruit at first, but then a fresh woody cedar fragrance, Capri Summer- clean citrus fragrance”
Lotion Fragrances
“I received this product free from influencer for my honest review/opinion loved the product I used as highlighter on top of the Valentino foundation it did not lift my foundation like a lot of highlighter creams do. Very little goes a long way I highly recommend this product”
Exotic Fragrances
“I made a Video about this Fragrance recently on my Channel. It's a sage buy it is nothing mind-blowing I prefer the Boss Bottled Intense”
Vintage Fragrances
“I fell in love with the original Miu Miu fragrance a while back and every time a new one came out I would give them a try but there was always something missing”
Luxurious Fragrances
“A gave it a four because my dad really liked and enjoys luxury colognes. But my husband felt if he wore it would be on special occasions and would get much use from it”
Lovely Fragrances
“I love how all of Tom Ford’s fragrances evolve over time as you wear them. Give this one a chance and you will love it’s evolution”
classic fragrances
“The scent is OK, very feminine and classic. After using it once (rubbing gently 3 times at my pulse points), the rollerball does not dispense the product anymore, despite the ball rolling”
Gentle Fragrances
“It's a strong enough fragrance to fill the whole floor, yet gentle enough to be plugged in in my bedroom”
Oud Fragrances
“This fragrance is Beautiful! I am a niche fragrance collector and this scent is up there with Oud Satin Mood.It’s definitely not a strong offensive OUD it’s just right”
calming fragrances
“I was so excited to use this but alas.. I didn't calm the F down ! I'm still wound as tight as a spring”