Wet Look Makeup

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If you're looking for a way to add a little extra style to your day, you might want to consider adding some wet-look makeup to your arsenal. This type of makeup is applied just like almost any other, but it has the added benefit of looking like it's actually wet. This makes it perfect for special occasions and photo shoots where you want your face to look as realistic as possible. Here are some of our favorite wet-looking makeup looks.

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Fresh Look Makeup
“The dewy color gives me a fresh look but using a cream hilighter on top of the matte one gives the same effect and more longevity”
Trendy Makeup
“Very unique formula, feels nice on the lips and the color is beautiful, I think they are nice for no makeup makeup days and when you want something more natural and not too pigmented”
Dramatic Makeup
“It's natural and light, makes it look like you're glowing from within. Perfect for everyday makeup for work or school”
Sienna Makeup
“This full coverage concealer is great for giving you that “no makeup, makeup” look! After using it in my makeup routine I was impressed with how well it covered my acne and blemishes”
Taupe Makeup
“The is the best brow product that I’ve found. It’s a staple in my makeup bag. The pen gives a microblading effect with amazing pigment”
Bronze Look Makeup
“LOVE such a good palette if you just want some bronze nudes to add to your collection”
Nose Makeup
“Absolutely in love with this product I’m a beginner in makeup & I was really scared to use Liquid/Cream products.But this blends like butter.It’s beautiful on the skin. 100% Recommend”
chrome makeup looks
“Great palette! Not the best duo chromes/shimmers I've tried (PM is still the best imo), but ABH has nice quality vs price”
casual makeup
“They never dry out my lips and this colour is beautiful. A staple for my makeup bag”
Matte Makeup
“I always hesitated to use bronzer, since I hate shimmer bronzers and the few mattes I tried were chalky. The Chocolate Soleil made me a believer”