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Say goodbye to dull ends and smudged looks once and for all with one of our makeup sharpeners. Whether you’re lining your eyes or defining your lips, these powerful picks are built to restore the shape and performance of your pencils and help you meet all your beauty goals.

Hoping to find an eyeliner sharpener with maximum precision? Our dual blade options are designed to deliver a stronger makeup application that’s free of mistakes thanks to their centered tip that creates a foolproof finish.

Looking to polish your eyeliner pencils while steering clear of messes? Our tools are packed with innovative details that allow for smoother sharpening sessions without any of the mess. With a tight lid and plastic pick, our two-in-one sharpeners offer an additional level of protection against potential spills and eliminate unwanted gunk over time. Our professional-quality eyeliner sharpener is another clutter-free choice with noticeable results, and it features a removable base and lid that makes clearing out shavings a breeze.

But what if you need a versatile makeup sharpener that you can use with numerous products? We’ve got you covered here, too. Designed to give your eyeshadow pencils and lip liners an instant refresh, our duo pencil accessories are a super-functional addition to your beauty bag. Ideal for boosting the strength of your eye and eyebrow pencil products, our all-purpose sharpeners conveniently adjust to fit three different sizes for easy pairing with every pencil in your lineup.