Polo Cologne

Les clients Sephora préfèrent souvent les produits suivants lorsqu’ils recherchent Polo Cologne.

Polo est une marque d'eau de Cologne populaire depuis des décennies. La société est basée aux États-Unis et ses eaux de Cologne sont disponibles dans de nombreux parfums différents. Voici quelques excellentes options pour les eaux de Cologne Polo disponibles aujourd'hui.

Produits liés à Polo Cologne

Parfums Polo
“Another win for Versace men's' fragrances”
Mini Duos
“The best contour duo. The light / medium works perfect for my skin tone whether I’m my natural pale self or when I have applied dark self tanner”
Apprêts silicones
“This product is white, not clear like other silicone primers. It works great as a foundation primer for smooth application and hides pores decently but is not very good for helping to hide other texture”
Sérums Frizz
“Shine lasts all day and controls frizz. Highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an effective serum”
Surligneur de luxe
“I also have 6 eyeshadow palettes that I also think are worth the luxury price tag. This highlighter was just ok for me”
Natural Colognes
“The notes on it are Grapefruit, organic AOP Lavender, Spices and rich Woods but I don’t smell any of the citrus”
Colognes romantiques
“It has a such a romantic, seductive and sophisticated scent all in one”
Palettes Pro
“I got all the Norvina pro palettes after I stopped using JSC and the pigmentation is huge, but it's also easy to pick up a small bit and build up... an amazing line of pro palettes in prettymuch every colour throughout all the palettes”
Eau De Parfums
“I have recently sampled NEST New York it Golden Nectar Eau de Parfum and enjoyed it more than I anticipated”
Prada Cologne
“This cologne has a nice scent to it most high-end brand colognes have a blue I must say this Prada blue tops off the blues it reminds me of a stronger dulce and Gabbana very much stronger though”