Prada Cologne

Les clients Sephora préfèrent souvent les produits suivants lorsqu’ils recherchent Prada Cologne.

Prada est une maison de couture italienne qui s'est rapidement fait connaître pour ses sacs et portefeuilles en cuir cousus à la main, qui comptent encore aujourd'hui parmi les articles les plus populaires vendus par l'entreprise. Les eaux de Cologne de Prada ne font pas exception à cette règle, nombre d'entre elles étant très appréciées à la fois par les critiques et les clients. Voici quelques grandes eaux de Cologne Prada disponibles aujourd'hui.

Produits liés à Prada Cologne

eau de Cologne décontractée
“very pleasant casual scent- definitely more on the going out side of fragrances. would be really nice for an outdoor dinner or even pool party. the lavender is strong and nice but not in a off-putting way. would layer well with a more citrusy scent”
Musc Cologne
“On me, it is a mildly sweet (vs tart) citrus-floral with a very mild dry down of light fresh musk. It's not a cheap overpowering musk though”
Eau de Cologne de Noël
“bought this for my boyfriend as a christmas gift. him and i are both super picky with scents and usually we both don't wear anything as we both get headaches from most perfumes/colognes, but this one is so nice”
Eau de Cologne pour adolescents
“Unique and would be cool for a teen or someone in their 20s. The reason I don’t love this fragrance for men is just a personal preference”
Cologne au genièvre
“Smells pretty good! I really liked the juniper, it’s A common fragrance element but it smelled really new and fresh in this cologne”
Cologne ambrée
“My husband enjoys Baldessarini Ambre, but Spicebomb was a miss for him as the pepper notes were too strong for his taste”
Sport Cologne
“My boyfriend didn't enjoy it too much and prefers the regular Homme rather than the Homme sport due to personal preference, but he said if you like sporty scents, you'll probably enjoy the sport variation”
Eau De Parfum Cologne
“The eau de parfum is my favorite. I’m looking forward to passing these along to young adult son (eau de toilette) and my partner (eau de parfum”
Eau de Cologne d'été
“The scent was absolutely amazing very earthy which I love. Very nice summer scent and definitely could be mixed. My favorite scent out of the discovery set was the capri summer very bright fresh squeezed scent”
Eau de Cologne masculine
“A masculine scent. Great for evenings, going out. Very sexy”