Dryness & Loss of Firmness

How to Restore Hydration and Repair Your Skin Barrier

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“Thoroughly wash all makeup off every night, no matter how tired I am; definitely use a good moisturizer; and always, always, every day, use SPF!!” —MsUSA

“Lip care is skincare too! Be sure to use a good lip balm/treatment because lips definitely show signs of aging.” —CookieGirl1

“Consider doing regular facial massages at home. It doesn't have to be long, just two minutes. When you apply your moisturizer, massage in an upward and outward motion; don't forget your neck too.” —mmmiu

“The delicate skin under your eyes needs special care—use an eye cream!” —sparkles0913

“Wear sunscreen daily and smile more, because lines developed from smiling are what truly make you beautiful as you age. And do try to get more sleep. You know you need it no matter how well your concealer works ;)” — heartsmyface

Skincare for Life: 50ish

Manage the effects of aging with our selection of potent skincare products for your 50s and beyond. Discover all the best face washes, serums, moisturizers, and other must-have solutions.

Your skin starts to get more sensitive in the 50s, which is why it’s crucial to pay closer attention to the ingredients in your cleanser. We’ve rounded up high-quality products that you can use with confidence, including makeup-removing face washes and gentle foaming oils. As for moisturizers, we suggest reaching for luxe formulas that are specifically designed to help with aging concerns. Our replenishing oils and creams are some solid options to work into your routine.

Target fine lines, dark spots, and other challenges with our collection of plumping serums, retinol creams, and more must-have treatments. Manage volume loss with a reparative formula, like the Dr. Dennis Gross Fill and Repair Serum. Made with sub-topical micelle technology to penetrate deeper into skin and deliver faster results, this powerful product promotes a noticeably youthful-looking finish. It can also serve as a non-invasive swap for injections, or you can use it to maximize and lengthen the results of your latest treatment.

Plus, we have eye creams that go a long way in smoothing things out and achieving more resilience. If you’re hoping to tackle thinning skin, we recommend choosing a firming product like the Skinfix Triple Lipid Collagen Eye Lift+. This highly potent formula features BIO-CELL3™ technology, which helps plump up and revitalize thinning skin around the under eye area. Plus, caffeine and algae polysaccharides work together to increase brightness.