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Heretic Parfum

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Discover your new signature scent with HERETIC’s high-quality fragrances. From classic eau de parfums to convenient travel sprays, there are so many ways to upgrade your collection.

Does Sephora carry HERETIC?

Sephora sells many HERETIC fragrances. Discover warm woodsy scents, citrus-infused picks, spicy blends that make a statement, and more products with clean formulas you can feel great about. HERETIC also sells mini versions of its fragrances, which make it easy to travel with your favorites.

Since HERETIC uses plant-based and natural ingredients in its products, its scents are on the light and sheer side. For longer-lasting results, be sure to apply continuously throughout the day. HERETIC also recommends layering two or three fragrances for extra intensity. As a tip, be sure to stick to mixing heavy and lighter formulas—and spritz the stronger one first.

What are HERETIC's best-selling fragrances?

The Dirty Coconut Eau de Parfum is Heretic’s best-selling fragrance. This earthy scent offers a blend of cedar, vanillin, coconut water, and sandalwood notes to deliver a calming finish with just the right amount of sensuality.

Is HERETIC perfume clean?

HERETIC has earned the Clean at Sephora seal. This means you can be sure that all of its products are free of ingredients with potentially harmful effects on human health and the environment. HERETIC also uses 100% naturally derived ingredients to ensure that every fragrance is synthetic-free.

Is HERETIC perfume cruelty free?

Yes, HERETIC is a 100% cruelty-free brand that never tests any of its products or formulas on animals.

Is HERETIC perfume vegan?

Yes, all of HERETIC’s fragrances are vegan.