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Pad your piggy bank and skip the salon with at-home mani-pedis using our affordable nail products from Sephora Collection. DIY nails are far from basic. Not only are you in control of the outcome and cost, but there are so many tools and tricks to help you nail whatever technique you’re trying to achieve.

The trick for fast-drying, long-lasting mani-pedis is in the prep and application. Make sure your nails are clean and free of old polish. Then, soak your hands in warm water with your favorite oils, and clip, file, and clean up your cuticles with a manicure kit. Lastly, make sure your nail beds are oil-free. Now you can start applying.

Pick up a polish—we like the Natural Colors Nail Polish Kit—and paint on several thin coats instead of a couple of really thick ones. Let them dry in between and keep applying until you reach your desired opacity.

When your manicure takes an hour, but you spend 45 minutes staring at the wall of colors, then you may be indecisive, js. Don’t worry though, Sephora Collection’s affordable nail products offer evergreen and on-trend polishes in a well-rounded (but never overwhelming) number of shades.

Embrace the bare essentials when it comes to your nails. Quite possibly the perfect option for professional women who need to keep it classy, nudes and muted tones pair well with everything and elevate your aesthetic in the business world. Sephora Collection has plenty of neutrals to choose from, including flesh tones, grays, and demure red and pink shades.