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Gardenia perfume is a fresh, floral fragrance that typically boasts a melange of other florals, as well as citrus, berry, and wood to create a range of scents from fresh to sweet to spicy. They're a great addition to any perfume collection.

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garden fragrance
“this is such a beautiful, sensual scent. as with all NEST candles i’ve had in the past, the fragrance is strong enough to smell even when the candle isn’t lit. this was complimentary from NEST fragrances”
prada parfums
“This Eau de Parfum from Prada last forever! Besides the scent being very strong, like most Eau de Parfums, the scent is a bit too musky for my liking”
divine perfumes
“This perfume combines smoky sophistication with a gentle floral touch, creating an intriguing and elegant scent”
valentine perfumes
“I usually really like Ralph Lauren perfumes because they are not that sweet. They have a more fresh scent if that makes sense”
fruity perfumes
“I could see this being the perfect perfume to bring along for a vacation but I will definitely be wearing this everyday, especially in these hotter months”
beautiful perfumes
“Love this scent! It's such a beautiful fruity floral scent and definitely my favorite from all the Versace perfumes that I have tried”
delicate perfumes
“I love the packaging as well. This perfume serves multiple purposes as it is pleasing on its own but pairs well with fruity/floral scents”
wedding perfumes
“I have been searching for a scent for my wedding and as soon as I smelled this, i bought it right away and decided this is my wedding smell”
spicy floral perfumes
“I received this fragrance complimentary for my opinion. Starts out like a spicy floral with hints of jasmine and as it sets it becomes a vanilla floral mix that is intoxicating to the senses”
casual perfumes
“A clean white musk, it would be a nice everyday scent when you want something simple and not overwhelming”