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Rose-colored lip balm is a staple in the beauty arsenal of many women. It's the perfect shade to wear with any skin tone, and it can be worn on its own or paired with another lipstick to create a more complex look. Here are some of the best rosy-colored lip balms on the market today.

NUDESTIXGel Color Lip + Cheek Balm

Size: 0.10 oz/ 2.8 g·ITEM: 2228849

Color: Tay Tay - warm toned blush nude

102 Reviews


It feels like a thick balm, in a good way. After a while it does dry up, like most balms, so I just reapply every few hours. ...I use this as a cheek balm. Goes on smooth and lasts all day. Makes my cheeks look naturally rosy.

What it is:
A multitasking balm that provides a fresh, wet gloss without stickiness for cheeks and lips and offers super hydrating lip protection.

What does:
This ultra-moisturizing lip balm features rich color and gel shine. It is formulated with over 30 percent super hydrating, lip-protecting plant oils derived from rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, and soybean, as well as vitamin E as an antioxidant. Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm offers vibrant color and smooth coverage, while gel polymers provide a fresh, wet gloss without stickiness.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

ILIABalmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm

Size: 0.15 oz/ 4.4 g·ITEM: 2446060

Color: Hold Me - warm peachy nude

754 Reviews


Great balm...Very hydrating lip balm, it leaves a nice tint on my lips, loved the color. ...Nice heavy packaging and very beautiful sheer color for a balm. It adds a nice rosy tint and conditions as well.

What it is: A clean tinted lip balm with active levels of moisture-boosting ingredients and sheer color that builds with each swipe.

Formulation Type:
Lip Balm & Treatment

Benefits: Hydrating

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Salicornia (Sea Succulent): Boosts hydration for smoother, more supple-looking lips.
- Rosehip Seed Oil: Replenishes moisture and provides antioxidant benefits.
- Shea Butter: Nourishes, conditions, and locks in moisture.

Ingredient Callouts: This product is cruelty-free and comes in recyclable packaging.

TOM FORDSoleil Balm Frost Lip Balm

Size: 0.1 oz/ 2.96 mL·ITEM: 2393932

Color: Balm Frost - translucent pink with gold shimmer

210 Reviews


Great moisturizing lip balm....This product has beautiful packaging. The lip balm is a great moisturizer that last for hours. ...Let me start off by saying, I received this complementary lip balm from Tom Ford & Influenster. I typically don’t like the way that balms make my lips feel.

What it is: A lip balm that offers nourishment and moisturizing with a veil of shimmering iridescence.

Ingredient Callouts: Free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, and mineral oil.

What Else You Need to Know: Created to lavish weather-stung winter lips with soothing hydration, Balm Frost is a sumptuous, apply-all-day pearlescent lip balm. Its pale pink, shimmering lip bullet glides on smoothly, leaving behind hydrated, fuller looking lips.

TOM FORDSoleil Sunlit Rose Lip Balm

Size: 0.1 oz / 3 g·ITEM: 2503381

Color: Sunlit Rosy - peachy pink with iridescent overspray

453 Reviews


The beautiful lip balm...This lip balm is very beautiful on the lips. It is so natural and gorgeous. ...Beautiful lip balm...This is one of my favorite lip balms.

What it is: A lip balm that provides immediate moisture and shine while imparting a sheer-to-pink plump look.

Formulation Type: 
Lip Balm & Treatment

Benefits: Hydrating

Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, triclocarban, and triclosan.

What Else You Need to Know: This balm lavishes lips in decadent sheer moisture, and then delivers a sultry pink hue that complements your natural lip color.

TOM FORDMini Soleil Clutch-Size Lip Balms

Size: 0.07 oz / 2 g·ITEM: 2756427

Color: Sunlit Rose Mini Lip Balm - Sheer Pink

0 Reviews


It is super moisturizing and makes your lips look naturally shiny!

What it is: 

A mini lip balm that hydrates while delivering a rosy hue that compliments your natural lip color.

Formulation Type: Lipstick 

Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, , sulfates SLS & SLES, triclocarban, and triclosan. 

What Else You Need to Know: Soleil and Soleil Neige Mini Lip Blush swipe on clear, then shade-shift to a personalized pink stain. Available in gold- and platinum-toned expressions.

TOM FORDSoleil De Feu Spark Lip Balm

Size: 0.1 oz / 3 g·ITEM: 2662781

Color: Sun Spark - rosy pink with shimmering pearl overspray

44 Reviews


Perfect Muted Peach Lip balm...Another perfect Tom Ford lip balm with color this time. Perfect flattering peach BALM. ...Lovely Lip Balm, but Sparkle Fades...This lip balm offers a lovely combination of hydration and a subtle rosy tint.

What it is: A lip balm that hydrates lips with a moisturizing tint for a plumped, sunlit sheen look.

Formulation Type:
Lip Balm

Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, triclocarban, and triclosan.

What Else You Need to Know: Soleil de Feu Lip Spark Balm is a pearlescent balm that mimics the look of a lustrous sunset over the sea. It glides smoothly onto the lips’ surface, leaving behind instantly hydrated, fuller-looking lips.

TOM FORDSoleil Liquid Lip Blush Lip Balm

Size: 0.2 oz / 6 ml·ITEM: 2756187

Color: Clear - liquid balm with gold flakes

69 Reviews


Perfect lip blush...This lip blush is amazing! It instantly turns rosy when applied to the lips. ...Rosy...It comes on clear and in a few minutes turns to a natural rosy pink. It is so stunning a perfect touch to upgrade any look!

What it is: 

An ode to Soleil Lip Blush, the iconic shade-shifting formula debuts as a liquid balm that glides on clear and turns to a personalized pink stain.

Formulation Type: Lip Balm & Treatment 

Benefits: Hydrating 

Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, , sulfates SLS & SLES, triclocarban, and triclosan.

What Else You Need to Know: This moisturizing liquid balm hybrid enhances lips’ natural color. The lustrous shine finish offers a fuller-looking pout.


I love this lip balm. It smells nice and is easy to apply to my lips. ...This lip balm has a subtle strawberry scent and leaves the lips glossy.

What it is: A vegan, jelly lip balm rapidly moisturizes and visibly plumps lips with a sheer natural finish and hint of strawberry flavor.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Skincare Concerns: Dryness and Dullness

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Linoleic Acid from 5 Natural Oils: Linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, rehydrates lips and locks in moisture.
- Vegan Wax: Vegan emollient softens, smooths, and boosts moisture barrier.
- Shea Butter: 8.5% seed butter, a natural moisturizer, soothes and comforts dry lips.

Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, sulfates SLS & SL


Size: 0.12 oz / 3.5g·ITEM: 2707883

Color: Cherry

654 Reviews


Best lip balm...I was a little hesitant about using this lip balm because I have my go to lip balms, but once I tried it on, I fell in love! ...The best lip balm...The packaging is adorable and it leaves a beautiful rosy-cherry pinkish red color on my lips

What it is: A vegan lip balm made with 95 percent natural ingredients to nourish your lips for up to eight hours.

Skin Type: Normal and Dry

Skincare Concerns: Dryness

Formulation: Balm

Highlighted Ingredients:
- Plant-Based Waxes and Butters: Nourish and moisturize.

Ingredient Callouts: Free of parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, sulfates SLS & SLES, triclocarban, triclosan, and contains less than one percent synthetic fragrance. It is also vegan.

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