sand makeup foundation

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If you're looking for a new foundation, consider one that's designed to match your skin tone and help you look like you've got a natural glow. These foundations are also great for people with sensitive skin, as they are oil-free and have no fragrance or dyes.

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trending powder foundation
“I’m not usually too fond of foundation, because it is usually heavy and sits in my pores and wrinkles, but this foundation feels light and airy and helps smooth and conceal my imperfections”
anti acne foundation
“Only thing I didn’t like is that it’s causing breakouts on my forehead but will switch to the Cover FX anti acne primer to help with breakouts. Other than that, I really am happy with this foundation and it has a lot of product to last me a long time”
cream powder foundations
“When you add up the price of a serum plus foundation, not as expensive as I thought. My summer favorite”
sunscreen with foundation
“I use this as my foundation and its the perfect coverage for me. I usually HATE BB creams as they feel very sticky and like a bad sunscreen lotion”
sienna makeup
“Overall pretty good product, must have for “no makeup” makeup look. However, it’s not hydrate enough for dry skin”
golden makeup
“Not sparkly or glittery, its literally looks like gold illumination on your skin. I love mixing this with my lotion on my legs, collar bones and finishing my makeup routine with a little on my cheekbones”
lip primer makeup
“I wish all matte lipsticks brands would sell a lip primer because they all tend to be drying. I never knew I needed a lip primer until I was referred to this”
taupe makeup
“Also, this stuff comes off a lot easier than other pomades - I was able to get off with soap and water, where others I've tried required a LOT of scrubbing and makeup remover (of course that also means it might not be as waterproof/sweatproof, but I didn't test that”
aubergine makeup
“I don’t think I’ve ever been this satisfied with a quad before; this has to be one of the best makeup purchases I have made. The shades in this palette are immensely beautiful and iridescent and, in the evening, appear just as sparkly as they did when first applied”
noir makeup
“As someone who strives for cleaner makeup options, I'm very happy with this Westman Atelier kohl eyeliner”