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Revamp your styling game with Bio Ionic’s cutting-edge products. From straighteners to hair dryers, there’s a powerful pick for every priority.

Does Sephora carry Bio Ionic?

We sell a variety of Bio Ionic hair products at Sephora. If you’re searching for reliable brushes, make sure to check out Bio Ionic’s paddle and boar-style picks.

Looking to streamline your morning routine? Explore our roundup of high-quality tools. We carry versatile diffusers, super fast hair dryers, cutting-edge curling irons, shine-boosting wands, and more options from this brand founded by Fernando Romero.

What are Bio Ionic's best-selling products?

Made to help lock in moisture, the best-selling 10X Pro Styling Iron 1” allows for superior styling in under 10 minutes.

The Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer is another favorite for shortening your getting-ready routine. Conveniently weighing less than a pound, the high heat and fast airflow help significantly speed up the drying process.

Why does the Bio Ionic 10X vibrate?

The 10X’s plates vibrate to help glide through the hair and boost surface contact, which results in smoother and more polished-looking strands.

Does Bio Ionic turn off?

All Bio Ionic straighteners and curling irons have a 30-60 automatic shut-off.

How do you use a Bio Ionic wand?

To create stunning waves that sweep away from the face, point the Eternity Wand Pro Styling Wand 1" down and then wrap your hair toward the back of your head.