Moisture Lip Gloss

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A lip gloss is a great way to add shine, color, and moisture to your pout. It's also a great way to add some protection against the elements. Here are some of the best moisturizing lip glosses on the market today.

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Tingle Lip Gloss
“This is my "go to" line of plumping lip glosses!! This is the only plumping lip gloss that actually works on me”
Light Lip Gloss
“It's soooo good, I was really hesitant for this lip gloss.. Im usually super picky with my lip glosses, but this one”
Radiant Lip Gloss
“The tint is THERE! the shine is THERE! It literally looks like im wearing lipstick with gloss on top”
Popular Lip Gloss
“I have it in multiple colors, and no other lip gloss comes close. I love that it plumps my lips, subtly”
Honey Lip Gloss
“The diamond lip gloss is so beautiful. The shade honey diamond has the perfect amount of glitter to show that you're wearing lip gloss without adding any tint”
Mauve Lip Gloss
“I love this lip gloss. It’s so moisturizing and NOT sticky”
Lip Gloss Lipstick
“I purchased Sexpot, which is the darkest of the colors. Paired with a lip liner, this wears a lot like a cream lipstick”
Plum Lip Gloss
“This gloss is sticky, but not TOO sticky, and this color leaves a subtle plum stain on my lips even after the glossiness fades, which is nice”
Gel Lip Gloss
“The most beautiful gloss!!! I will never be without the product. Feels good on the lips/ not super tacky like other lip glosses”
Cherry Lip Gloss
“tower 28 lip glosses are my favourite, and that’s coming from a lip gloss fiend. the formula for both the jelly and milky glosses feel so comfortable, it’s like the perfect balance. specifically the shade xoxo is like the perfect juicy cherry red shade. it looks dark in the bottle but it sheets out to thee most pretty subtle red that just makes your lips look more pigmented”