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Mousse is a styling product that gives hair volume and lift. It can be used on almost all hair types, but is especially useful for creating curly hair. Here are some great options for mousse products on the market today.

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Moist Hair Products
“It’s super moisturizing, and my hair felt so soft. I highly recommend this product”
Matte Hair Products
“My favorite thing about it is that it's purposely matte, it doesn't leave my hair sticky after awhile using it and the matte-shine it gives my hair doesn't ever look like grease”
Smooth Hair Products
“This line is amazing and the hair products all smell delightful! The product really smooths my hair making it so easy to comb through while wet”
Sensual Hair Products
“if you have ever smelled anything else from Moroccanoil, It has the same scent as all of their other products. if not the best way I can describe it is a fresh, clean, and sensual ambery smell”
Gym Hair Products
“It made me scared to try this out. I recently started going to the gym and I spray this in my hair before i go and it seems to stop scalp swear while i exercise”
Upscale Hair Products
“I was worried with the other reviews for the plates not touching or it ripping your hair out. I don’t have these problems at all and I’m so happy with my purchase, I’m seriously debating on buying a more upscale hair dryer”
Rich Hair Products
“This is a high quality product that will turn your brassy blonde locks into platinum perfection”
Trendy Hair Products
“I received this inside my trend mood box, and I like how it smoothes onto the skin”
Powder Hair Products
“Best grey hair cover up I’ve used. Even better than the Bumble Brownish Hair Powder spray (stained a T-shirt while spraying and gets ALL over your fingers if you touch your hair). ”
Hair Products For Men
“My boyfriend has adopted many of the hair products I've purchased from Sephora after realizing they worked way better than the stuff he was buying from his stylist”