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An eyeliner brush is one of the most important tools in your makeup arsenal. It can be used to create a thin or thick line or to fill in gaps between your lashes and eyebrows. The right brush can also help you achieve the perfect flick or cat eye. Here are some of our favorites.


A very nice brush for the money. I use it with mineral (powder) eyeliner, and it produces a very fine, clean, precise line. ...Clean, precise eyeliner eyeliner brush...Precise and easy to use

What it is: An ultra-thin, angled liner brush with a firm, tapered point for precise and polished lining of the eyes.

What Else You Need to Know: The short, firmly angled bristles of this brush allow for a precise and even glide when defining eyes. This brush can be used to achieve a variety of liner looks from the most natural to dramatic. It’s ideal for cream, liquid, and powder formulas.

PRO Brush Collection, thirty brushes with the highest-quality, hand-shaped vegan synthetic bristles. The tapered artistry handles help offer ultimate control in makeup application to help you create any makeup look you desire. This brush and its holder have been developed responsibly.


My only complaint because I absolutely love this brush is that this time it did not come with the plastic clip on cover to protect the brush This brush gives the smoothest and most precise line ever...Nice for a midpoint brush!...I'm still getting the hang of eyeliner, and this brush is much easier to handle than my cheapie.

What it is:
A tapered liner brush for creating precise eyeliner looks along the lash and water lines.

What it does:
The synthetic tapered bristles of this precise brush lay color down smoothly and easily for the perfect application every time.


Best Brush Ever!...I absolutely love this brush! It's super precise and easy to use. It's soft and doesn't shed like cheap brushes. ...Great brush!...At first I was hesitant to use this liner brush as I typically go for angled eyeliner brushes for a precise line and wing.

What it is:
A slim, finely tapered brush with firm bristles for flawless and precise lining of the eyes.

What it does:
Designed to be used with Bobbi Brown's bestselling Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and powder shadow formulas, this lightweight brush features a slim, tapered design and finely pointed brush hairs. It provides maximum control and precise application for gorgeous eye looks.


nice and precise. not too stiff for doing eyeliner. soft. sturdy. excellent....Precise eyeliner brush...This one was a stable for to use for precise eyeliner do shadow or gel liner.

What it is:
A small precision brush for lining eyes.

What it does:
The short, angled bristles of this brush ensure a precise, firm, and even stroke when lining and defining eyes. Expect polished, professional results every time. All Hourglass brushes boast weighted metal handles and high-grade, PETA-friendly Takelon bristles that ensure optimal application of product.

What else you need to know:
Takelon bristles harbor less bacteria than animal hair, are an excellent alternative for those with allergies to animal hair, and are easily washed with alcohol or mild soap and water.

Hourglass products are 100 percent cruelty-free.


This little brush is just the cutest! I love how the brush retracts into the base. ...Retractable brow brush...Soft brush that provides precise amount of product for perfect brows

What it is: An easy-to-use retractable eyebrow brush that features an angled brow brush on one end and a spoolie on the other.

What Else You Need to Know: This tiny and dense angled brow brush allows you to create super precise strokes that mimic your natural hair. The Spoolie combs brows in place before and after applying product. You can pair with frameworker™ brow pomade (sold separately) to build natural to bold brows.


I think this brush would be better for those who have thicker eyebrows because it's too big to be as precise....This brush has multiple uses.. For an example,it's a Perfect brush for filling in eyebrows or cleaning them up with concealer.its even thin and precise enough to use with eye liner.

What it is:
A precision double-ended brow brush.

What it does:
This dual-ended brow brush is ideal for outlining, defining, and creating perfectly precise brows. The flat edge lets you create straight lines for outlining exact shapes. The round end is perfect for grooming, smoothing, and applying brow color.


Precise and soft....It made the application of the cream eye shadow very easy and precise. The double-ended sides make it perfect to apply in larger areas or to make precise lines....Precise Brush!...It makes blending a cream shadow very seamless, and I appreciate the smaller end for more precise touch ups.

What it is: A soft, dual-ended eyeshadow brush to create washes of color and precise lines.

Brush Formulation:
All Formulas

Brush Coverage: Buildable

Brush Handle Length:
3.5 inches

Bristle Type:

Ingredient Callouts: This product is vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and comes in recyclable packaging.

What Else You Need to Know: This dual-ended eyeshadow brush is made to complement Solo Shadow Soft-Matte Cream Single Eyeshadow (sold separately) but can be used with any eye product for a seamless blend and a soft, diffused finish. The densely packed vegan bristles deposit just the right amount of product for easy, buildable coverage, whether for a single wash of color or precis


My new fav brush...After 3-4 uses of this brush I ordered another right away. I love this brush for setting my under eyes! ...Best Brush Ever!!!...Best concealer brush ever! I have tried many brushes, sponges, and my concealer has never looked as good as it does when I used this brush.

What it is: A precise, rounded blender brush that softly and seamlessly smooths makeup.

What Else You Need to Know: Get on top of your concealer game with this precise, rounded blender brush that softly and seamlessly smooths makeup.


wish it was a little more precise but overall pretty good...My favorite brow brush so far. The spooly is a perfect size and the brush is stiff and small enough to make precise hairlike strokes.

What it is: A dual-ended tool made from 100 percent cruelty-free synthetic bristles for perfecting your brows.

What Else You Need to Know: One end is a soft spoolie for grooming and shaping and the other is an angled brush for creating precise, hair-like strokes and filling in with a powder or pomade of your choice. This brush is made with 100 percent cruelty-free synthetic bristles.


Bought this brush and tried it for highlight and I love it ! ...This little brush applies highlighters in a precise but airbrushed fashion, making my cheeks glow without emphasizing texture.

What it is: A multi-use brush that is perfect for blending and softening eyeshadow as well as applying highlights and detail powder on the face.

Brush Formulation: All formulas

Coverage: Buildable

Handle Length: 4.33 inches

Bristle Type: Synthetic

Ingredient Callouts: This product is cruelty-free.

What Else You Need to Know: This brush has fluffy, soft, flexible hairs that are ideal for blending and softening on the eyes and face. It’s also perfect for applying and blending matte shadows. All Makeup By Mario brushes are cruelty-free, made with a custom blend of synthetic and vegan fibers, and 100% FSC-certified birchwood handles.

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