Shine On, Healthy Hair

Improve the health of your hair with a variety of hair treatments from Sephora. Explore masks, glosses, and oils that can help you achieve the shiny, healthy hair of your dreams, regardless of hair type!

For hair that consistently needs a little extra love, try incorporating an oil into your routine. Hair oils can hydrate, prevent frizz, strengthen existing strands, or even help to boost new hair growth. Grapeseed and argan oil are great picks for fighting frizz, while castor oil has been known for promoting hair growth. Also be sure to check out coconut oil to help with heat protection and jojoba oil for extra hydration.

When it comes to locks that occasionally need a boost, opt for hair masks. Whether you like leave-ins or quicker treatments that can be washed out in a few minutes, Sephora’s assortment of masks also provides a variety of benefits. Strengthening and repair masks are a great choice for people with damaged hair, while conditioning and nourishing masks leave hair nice and hydrated.

If you have color-treated hair, are looking to add dimension to non-color treated hair, or just want an extra-shiny look, glosses are for you! These clear and color-depositing options also leave strands soft and moisturized with the added bonus of toning or deepening their color.

Looking to test out these products on a budget? Sephora Collection’s affordable hair treatments include high-quality ingredients for a price you’ll love. We also recommend checking out Clean & Sustainable options that are good for you and the environment. Show more