Your Guide to Fragrance Notes

With all the choices available, we know choosing a fragrance can feel overwhelming at first. But don’t worry, because we’re here to help you narrow things down. Get the clear picture on the seven key fragrance notes and explore our top picks to uncover your new signature scent in our guide.

If you’re into cozy and familiar aromas, you’ll love our vanilla perfumes and colognes. From decadent caramel selections to soul-warming cappuccino blends, our gourmand scents will remind you of your favorite desserts and comfort foods. Prefer a sultrier fragrance? Our warm and spicy solutions are filled with unexpected ingredients for an alluring finish.

For a more sophisticated choice to accompany your evening wear, wood fragrances are a stellar pick with their crisp or earthy base notes. Sandalwood options are deep and rich, while oud scents consist of smoky combinations with a subtle splash of sweetness. Discover spice-infused colognes, unisex solutions that create the aura of a crackling fireplace, modern perfumes that exude mystery, and more.

On the hunt for a summer-like scent? With creamy blends inspired by breezy palm trees, calm salt water, and sunny landscapes, our coconut perfumes are sure to deliver the sensory escape you’re looking for. Add a tropical twist to your hydration routine with our plush creams or achieve next-level radiance at the beach with our coconut body glows.

When you want a perfume or cologne that’s crisp and fresh, citrus fragrance notes are your best bet. From light lemon formulas to orange blossom blends, these scents provide a dose of invigorating energy. To bask in the aroma of a brand new bouquet, reach for our floral fragrances. Rose notes offer classic appeal, while white flowers bring a strong sense of femininity.

Looking for something playful and mouthwatering? Fruity fragrance notes are your new best friend. Fruit-inspired scents boast notes of apple, pear, lychee, mango, peach, lemon, and more, to surround you in luscious fragrance that’s both ripe and sweet yet perfect for every day.