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A diffuser is a great way to add scent to the air and create ambiance in a room. It can help with relaxation and stress. A good diffuser will make your space smell good. Here are some of our favorites.

NEST New YorkWild Mint & Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser

Size: 5.9 oz/ 175 mL·ITEM: 2421055

Size + Concentration + Formulation: 5.9 oz/ 175 mL

25 Reviews


My absolute favourite scent - love the candle and now love the diffuser even more. Even with a sensitivity to scent - this one works so well in my house...It does seem to evaporate kind of quickly though compared to other diffusers I’ve had which is why I only gave it 4 stars....Best scent ever

What it is:A diffuser that blends wild mint and eucalyptus with basil and ginger to clear your mind and awaken your senses.

Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type: Earthy Greens & Herbs

Key Notes: Wild Mint, Eucalyptus, Sage

Diffuser Length: 90 days

About the Diffuser: This reed diffuser creates a wellness sanctuary in your home by immersing you in an aromatic blend that ignites your spirits and leaves you feeling focused, recharged, and stress free.

Maison MargielaREPLICA' Bubble Bath Diffuser

Size: 6.3oz / 185 mL·ITEM: 2551372

Size + Concentration: 6.3oz / 185 mL

24 Reviews


Wow, I am so impressed by the elegance of this diffuser. The smell is so clean- literally like a cool bubble bath, and makes my home smell so refreshed. ...I keep in a smaller room for best results.

Fragrance Family: Fresh

Scent Type: Fresh Florals

Key Notes: Soap-Bubble Accord, Rose Superessence, White Musk, Coconut-Milk Accord

Fragrance Description: This fresh-floral fragrance diffuser contains aromatic soap-bubble accord accented by the soft floral scents of rose superessence, jasmine, and lavender. The subtle scent of coconut is revealed as the fragrance disperses throughout the room with a delicate creaminess.

About the Diffuser: Inspired by the relaxing sensation of a warm bath, this home fragrance diffuser evokes the soft scent of soap, luxurious bubbles, and fresh florals filling the air.

Maison MargielaREPLICA' By The Fireplace Diffuser

Size: 6.3 oz / 185 mL·ITEM: 2605046

Size + Concentration + Formulation: 6.3 oz / 185 mL diffuser

39 Reviews


Great diffuser...This diffuser smells heavenly, my entire room smells amazing. ...A must have diffuser...I was sent the scent jazz club and absolutely love it. The diffuser itself is super cute and goes well w my decor.

Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy

Scent Type: Warm & Sweet Gourmands

Key Notes: Clove Oil, Chestnut Accord, Vanilla Accord

Diffuser Length: Four Months

Fragrance Description: This is a home fragrance diffuser with a warm scent combining orange flower, clove oil, and chestnut atop a comforting vanilla fragrance to recreate the signature warmth and coziness of a crackling fire.

About Diffuser: This diffuser is inspired by the feeling of comfort; the warm and spicy scent evokes the memory of wood crackling in the fireplace while snow falls outside.


Love Nest, was super disappointed in this diffuser. You can only smell it if you are standing right over it, absolutely no throw whatsoever. ...I should have stock in this diffuser! I have a small retail business and always keep this sitting on the top of one of my racks.

What it is: A reed diffuser that is scented with sweet patchouli, heliotrope, and bergamot.

Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type: Classic Woods

Key Notes: Moroccan Amber, Patchouli, Bergamot

Fragrance Description: This reed diffuser fills your home with exotic Moroccan amber, sweet patchouli, heliotrope, and bergamot with a hint of eucalyptus. It is also expertly crafted with the highest-quality fragrance oils.

Maison MargielaREPLICA' Jazz Club Diffuser

Size: 6.3 oz / 185 ml·ITEM: 2590586

Size + Concentration: 6.3 oz / 185 ml

21 Reviews


I opted in placing the diffuser in a bigger room so that the scent wouldn’t become too concentrated in a small room. ...I love this product. It’s the best diffuser I’ve ever used.

Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy

Scent Type: Woody Spices

Key Notes: Pink Pepper, Rum Absolute, Tobacco Leaf Absolute

Diffuser Length: Approximately four months

Fragrance Description: This home fragrance diffuser opens with a smooth cocktail of warm scents that awaken the senses. Contrasting lemon and pink pepper are followed by rum accord, vanilla perfume, and smoky tobacco leaf to remind you of opened cigar boxes and worn leather barstools.

About the Diffuser: This warm and spicy home fragrance is inspired by the scents wafting throughout a Brooklyn jazz club. Bring back the aroma of fine aged liquor and burning cigars in an intimate jazz club.


Easily the best diffuser I've ever owned. I use it with my Bio Ionic 10x dryer, which is far and away the best dryer I've ever used. ...Excellent diffuser for narrow nozzled dryers...It's excellent, but has a narrow nozzle that standard diffusers will not work with. This universal diffuser has an adaptable sleeve which works very well with a narrow hair dryer nozzle.

What it is:
An ultra-lightweight dryer diffuser, which fits all Bio Ionic dryers and most other dryers.

What it does:
This heat resistant, durable, and lightweight Universal Diffuser fits all Bio Ionic dryers, as well as most other dryers. It features 12 air outlets for faster drying time and natural volcanic mineral to infuse micro hydration.


Was anxiously waiting for Drybar to come out with a diffuser. Even though other diffuser worked with the Drybar hairdryer, this is the best diffuser I have ever used. ...This is the ultimate diffuser out there! I have long, very thick and wavy hair, and have never had good results with diffusers until now.

Which hair type is it good for?
✔ Wavy
✔ Curly
✔ Coiled
✔ Tightly Coiled

What it is:
A universal diffuser that broadens and reduces the speed of the airflow from your blow dryer to gently dry, define curls, add shine, and reduce frizz in naturally curly hair.

Key benefits:
- Dries hair efficiently
- Softens and smooths
- Adds luster

If you want to know more…
Keep your curls in line with The Bouncer Diffuser. This innovative, professional-quality hair essential works to reduce the speed of your every day blow dryer to dry hair quickly.

Jo Malone LondonPeony & Blush Suede Diffuser

Size: 5.6 oz/ 165 mL·ITEM: 2259125

Size + Concentration + Formulation: 5.6 oz/ 165 mL

11 Reviews


Best diffuser I’ve ever had, both performance and scent. ...However, if it's purpose is to give the room a delightful scent, then it's great. The more diffusers you add the stronger the scent. However, the more diffusers you add, the faster the oil finishes.

Fragrance Family: Floral

Scent Type: Classic Florals

Key Notes: Red Apple, Peony, Suede

About: This sleekly designed diffuser effortlessly and continuously adds an enveloping scent to any space.

The essence of charm, this scent captures exquisitely fragile peonies in voluptuous bloom. A flirtatious, juicy bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose, and gillyflower mingle with the sensuality of soft, blush suede for a luxurious and seductive trail.

From colognes and candles to bath and body care, each Jo Malone London product comes presented in their signature gift box and ribbon.


Best diffuser and scent in the game! To put it simple, this is your favorite men’s cologne in a rees diffuser! ...Would definitely repurchase this + other diffusers!

Fragrance Family: Fresh

Scent Type: Fresh Aquatics

Key Notes: French Cade Wood, Verbena, Bulgarian Lavender

Diffuser Length: Four to Six Months

Fragrance Description: This rustic and herbaceous reed diffuser fills the room with an aromatic infusion of lush lavender, rare French cade wood, and vivid lemon verbena, transporting you to the sun-drenched Provence region. It helps you unwind with the refreshing and calming energy, like a cool breeze on a summer day.

About the Diffuser: VOLUSPA’s fragrant diffuser oil is hand-poured into an embossed glass vessel for a subtle pop of elegant decor.

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