Maquillage avec crème solaire

Les clients Sephora préfèrent souvent les produits suivants lorsqu’ils recherchent Maquillage avec crème solaire.

Améliorez votre routine de maquillage avec des produits qui peuvent protéger votre peau des rayons nocifs du soleil. Découvrez ces produits pour le visage formulés avec un écran solaire de certaines de nos marques préférées.

Produits liés à Maquillage avec crème solaire

Sunset Eye Makeup
“Blends perfectly and this shade really is so natural and brightens your eyes up”
Crème solaire à la niacinamide
“I use this as a second layer on top of my sunscreen to correct my skin. It does make me look slightly lighter but other than that, it’s pretty good”
Crème solaire pour peaux mixtes
“This is perfect and doesn't make my combination skin oily, although I do set it with a powder”
Poudres Solaires
“Another one is shimmering in the sunscreen. I guess coming from diamond powder , shimmering over the whole face will make the face look much bigger and greasier, especially, shimmering makes acne and wrinkles more obvious. please kindly remove diamond powder in the product”
Crème solaire aux peptides
“If they just offered a few different shades for the tint that would be amazing, but for now this is my favorite sunscreen ever for sensitive, oily skin. Definitely worth a try if you've been struggling to find a daily sunscreen and have very reactive skin”
Fond de teint avec écran solaire
“I don’t typically wear face makeup as I have very acne prone skin and most SPFs also give me pretty bad breakout. But this”
Crème solaire avec reflets
“Very creamy with a slight shimmer! I feel like it’s a blend of their matte screen with the unseen sunscreen”
Crème solaire pour tous les tons de peau
“Please bring back those ingredients from the bottle that was white and had grey lettering.. those sunscreen ingredients are great for all skin types”
Sunscreen For Women
“This product is thick as clay and as a woman of color the pigment leaves a white cast on my face”
Maquillage Kawaii
“The texture is wonderful, matte but soft and feel like nothing on my lips, the colour is brown with hint of gray so it'll need makeup to go with the lip color”