Buy Online & Pick Up In Store FAQs

Buy Online, Pick Up In Store FAQs

Buy Online, Pick Up In Store FAQs Buy Online, Pick Up In Sephora @ Kohl’s Store FAQs

Buy Online, Pick Up In Store FAQs

When can I pick up my items?

You will receive an email or mobile notification if you have the Sephora mobile app when your items are ready for pickup, typically within four hours. If you ordered within four hours of the store closure time, your order will typically be ready the next morning after store opening.

Where do I go when I arrive?

When you get to the Sephora store, notify a Beauty Advisor that you’re picking up an order and we will prioritize getting your order quickly. If you would like to shop or browse the store first and pick up inside, look for the sign that says “Online Order Pickup,” typically located near the front of the store, or let any available Beauty Advisor know you have a pickup order. Your items will be brought to you.

Where do I pay for my order?

Payment will be collected online at checkout, prior to placing your pickup order. No payment will be collected at the store unless you choose to purchase additional items.

What payment methods am I able to use to pay?

You may use any payment method available on, including credit or debit, gift card, Klarna and PayPal! If you choose to use a gift card, please keep the gift card until you have picked up your order in store.

Can I use a gift card to pay for my pickup order?

Yes, you may use a gift card to pay for your pickup order. You will need to enter your gift card information into the checkout online. Please be sure to keep your gift card until you pick up the order in store. If for some reason your order is canceled, payment will be returned to the same gift card for use another time.

How long will the store hold my pickup order?

You have five full days after you place your pickup order before the items are restocked. For example, whether you order at 10am on Tuesday or 7pm on Tuesday, you’ll have until store closing on Sunday to pick up your order. Your order will be cancelled and your items will be restocked at store closing time on Sunday night if you don’t pick it up; your payment will be reversed and should appear within a day, but could take one to two days depending on your bank.

Can I extend the pickup window?

We are not able to extend pickup windows. If you aren’t able to make it to pick up your order by the end of the fifth day, your order will be cancelled and restocked, and your payment will be reversed and should appear within a day, but could take one to two days depending on your bank. You can get the item shipped instead or place another pickup order.

Can I have someone else pick up my order?

You may forward your “Order Ready for Pickup” email with the pickup barcode to whomever you would like to pick up your order. Your order can be picked up using that barcode. If the pickup person does not have the barcode, they will not be able to pick up the order.

What if I don’t have my barcode handy when I come in to pick up my order?

Just show your government-issued ID to the Beauty Advisor and we will bring up your order. Please note: The name on the ID must match the name on the order provided at checkout.

What if some or all items are no longer in stock after I place my reservation?

We will notify you while we process your order if we see an item is no longer available. Be sure to check your “Your Order Is Ready” email to see the items that are ready for pickup. In that email we will also notify you if any items were out of stock. You are welcome to get those items shipped instead or find another product that suits you when you go to the store.

What happens if I don’t pick up my order?

If you can’t make it, please let us know by canceling your order. We will put the items back on the shelf and reverse your payment, but you can always order again or get the items shipped.

How do I cancel my order?

You may cancel the order from the link in your email notifications. Also, you may visit the Order Details page to see the status of your order. You can cancel your order at any time before the pickup window ends. If you don’t pick up an order within the pickup window, it will automatically be cancelled, and payment reversed to the original form of payment.

How can I use promotion codes with my pickup order?

You may use any applicable promo codes during checkout of an online pickup or shipped order. Keep in mind, some promotions are only offered online and will not be applicable to a Buy Online, Pick Up In Store order. In addition, minimum requirements for promotions must be met for each order to apply. For example, if a promotion requires a minimum spend of $50, that minimum spend must be met within the individual order (e.g. the pickup order), not the combined order of both online pickup and shipped orders.

Can promotions be applied once I get to the store?

We cannot apply promotions at the pickup time in store, as the order has already been paid for online. However, any promotions applicable in stores can be applied to additional items purchased in store (that are not part of the online pickup order).

Can I get samples in my pickup order?

Online shipped orders come with two free samples upon selection through the checkout process. However, Buy Online, Pick Up In Store orders are not currently eligible for these samples. In addition, trial-size and deluxe samples are not available for pickup orders.

How do I redeem my Beauty Insider points and Credit Card Rewards points for this transaction?

You are welcome to redeem your points for discounts during the online checkout process. We support Credit Card Rewards and Beauty Insider Cash rewards in the checkout experience for Buy Online, Pick Up In Store. If you cancel your order, items were canceled due to out of stocks, or fail to pick up your fulfilled order in stores, your points will be refunded to your account. Unfortunately, we are not currently able to support Rouge Rewards cards for online pickup orders.

How do I redeem rewards or birthday gifts for online pickup orders?

Rewards items will not be eligible for redemption for Buy Online, Pick Up In Store orders. However, Rewards and Birthday Gifts are redeemable in store based upon availability. Check your store when you arrive to see what’s available, and inform a Beauty Advisor that you would like to redeem your Reward or Birthday Gift.

How do I return my purchased item(s)?

Returns can only be made in store and within 30 days after picking up your order. Please bring your receipt to the store. Please see Return Policy for more details.

It’s been over 30 days since I purchased this item. Can I return it?

For approved returns made 31 to 60 days after purchase, we offer store credit in the form of a Sephora merchandise credit. See Returns and Exchanges.

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