Toner pour peau grasse

Les clients Sephora préfèrent souvent les produits suivants lorsqu’ils recherchent Toner pour peau grasse.

La peau grasse est un problème courant, surtout par temps chaud. La combinaison de la chaleur et de l'huile peut entraîner des pores obstrués et une apparence de brillance. Le meilleur toner pour peau grasse aidera à équilibrer les niveaux d'hydratation de votre peau et vous aidera à obtenir un fini plus mat. Voici quelques-uns de nos choix favoris.

Produits liés à Toner pour peau grasse

Surligneur pour peau grasse
“I have received this product free for review purposes; this foundation unfortunately was not a good match for my skin type...I have very oily skin, therefore the glowy type finish seemed to only make my skin look more oily”
Lotions pour peaux grasses
“It's a good moisture gel for very oily skin. But my boy friend's skin is not that oil, so it seems not moisture enough to him”
Traitements pour peau grasse
“This is a wonderfully hydrating and brightening eye cream. Having oily skin, I can understand if people with drier skin find this less than promising”
Masques pour peau grasse
“Absolutely OBSESSED with this mask. I have used countless face masks from various companies over the years as I have struggled with large pores , black heads, oily skin ect since I was 14 ( now 28”
Hydratant sans huile pour peau grasse
“This moisturizer absorbs very well and makes the skin feel smooth.I have T-zone skin, and this moisturizer controls oil very well, keeping my skin oil-free for most of the day”
Huiles pour le visage pour peau grasse
“I was skeptical about using oils in my face because I have combination oily skin, until I got this vitamin C rose oil courtesy of influenster”
Hydratant appaisant pour peau grasse
“I got this as a birthday gift from Sephora and it's great for oily skin. After I used my cleanser, I used this moisturizer and it instantly calmed down my oily skin”
Exfoliants pour peau grasse
“I don't apply moisturizer after use, as I'm still searching for one that doesn't leave my oily skin feeling gross in Florida humidity”
Bases pour peau grasse
“I have used this for about 5 years and this is the best primer for oily skin. I tried the other popular ones and my eyeshadows still slide off”
Huiles sèches pour la peau
“This oil impressed me. It's an excellent dry oil that dries quickly without leaving skin feeling dry”